portraits of renowned female artists from 100 years of the Salzburg Festival


an audiovisual installation with 100 serigraphs on canvas and harp

by Martina Stock


100 FEMALE VOICES shows a selection of 100 female artists who, through their personalities and their work, have decisively shaped the Salzburg Festival on and off stage in its 100-year history. The art project aims to bring the work of these female artists into the light of our perception on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival and to tell by its compilation its very own story.


The walk-through audiovisual installation is an interplay of 100 free-standing serigraphs on canvas and harp. The artistic realization of the 100 portraits is achieved through the use of serigraphy, acryl on canvas. The works of art, which are mounted on stainless steel frames, are arranged in a freestanding fashion in the church interior. By doing so, each individual work with its portrait becomes an artistic "still frame", thereby transferring its effect directly to viewers, who face the respective work of art at eye level. This arrangement in its entirety in this special venue can thus be seen as a work of art itself.


This applies as well to the piece of music, which can be heard in the form of a sound installation. Animated by the music, visitors stroll through the exhibition, the composition for harp underlines the motifs and create another level of perception of my artwork for the observer. The visitors become part of a unique world of sound and images.


Kollegienkirche Salzburg, 21. August - 12. September 2021