"My artistic work encompasses the forms of expression of visual art - serigraphy - and music - the classical concert harp - whose sound I enhance with loops and electronic musical elements. What fascinates me most is to experience the artistic world in various dimensions and to transport the viewer or listener into this world", Martina Stock.

In addition to presenting her works in solo and group exhibitions and solo concerts, Martina Stock, who has been playing the harp since the age of seven, repeatedly combines serigraphy with the harp in her audio-visual installations, thereby generating visual and acoustic compositions, a universal combination rolled into one.

Her serigraphs are based mostly on her own photographic motifs, which she then abstracts, combines in parts and embeds in painterly components. By doing so, she creates a context of new realities and fictions in the form of multi-layered imagery. In the course of this process, an independent aesthetic emerges that would not be possible in painting or photography alone. "The creative process of screen printing also inspires me: from the manual positioning of the screen on the canvas, to painting with the squeegee on the screen, to the application of the colors, to the creation of the half-tone dots and print marks, all of which are defining components of my works. In my audio-visual installations I strive to establish another level of perception of my paintings for the observer; with the harp I am the director of my imagery, much like a musical storyteller, thus serving as a guide to my art," Martina Stock.


Martina Stock's musical repertoire cannot be clearly assigned to any one genre. It includes core elements of neo-classical, ambient and electronic music. Even in her solo concerts, in which she tells stories through her own compositions, she integrates plays of color in conjunction with loops and elements of electronic music. A part of her concerts always takes place in darkened surroundings which- in conjunction with plays of light and color- enables listeners to sense a greater intensity of her music.


Martina Stock is a harpist and visual artist in the field of serigraphy. She studied at the Kunstuniversität Moozarteum Salzburg, taking classes in Graphics and New Media, was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to study in Cracow, pursued further studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin, and studied Geography at the Naturwissenschaftliche Universität Salzburg. She received her Master's Degree in 2009. Since then she has been working as an artist in her own studio and has been active as a lecturer.
er works are regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally, and she performs in concerts as a solo harpist with a repertoire of her own compositions.
he lives and works in Berlin and Bischofshofen, her Austrian hometown near Salzburg.